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Special Session R&D for Spent Nuclear Fuel Management Supporting Sustainable Nuclear Power Ku Jeong-hoe
Special Session Development of Automatic Prognostic Diagnosis Technology for NPPs based on AI Big data Ye Song-hae
Special Session Nuclear Power Generation Integrated with Energy Storage for Carbon Neutral Society Lee Jeong-Ik
Special Session Flexible Load-Follow Operations in NPP Kim Yong-hee
Special Session An Update on Nuclear Energy in the United States Duncan Aleshia
Keynote Polish Nuclear Energy Program – Way Forward Towards Clean Energy for the Republic of Poland Wierzchowski Michal
Keynote The Role of Members of Society in the era of Climate Change and Carbon Neutrality Yoo Young-sook
Session 2 Financing Strategies to Support Nuclear Export Borovas George
Session 2 The Future of Nuclear Energy A Canadian Perspective Brady Daniel
Session 2 SMR Development and International Collaboration Kang Hong-kyu
Session 2 Nuclear Industry Support Program Kang Jae-yuel
Session 1 Small Modular Reactor an Emerging Solution for CO2 Mitigation Lim Chae-young
Session 1 The Role of the Power Sector for 2050 Carbon Neutrality in Korea Lim Jae-kyu
Session 1 Low Carbon Energy Futures in the World Energy Outlook 2020 Fraser Peter
Session 1 The Green Growth Strategy and the Lessons Learned Murakami Tomoko