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Special Session ** Mr. Youm's presentation file will be not distributed due to security reason ** Hag-ki Youm
Special Session Current Status of RWM Sung-tae Jung
Special Session KEPCO KPS's Maintenance Capability and Preparation for D&D In-ok Hwang
Special Session Korean Nuclear Decommissioning Plans and Policies Shin-seob Kang
Special Session Safety Enhancement of Operating NPPs in Korea Bo-hyun Lee
Special Session Current Status of Nuclear Power Plants of TEPCO Kenji Murano
Keynote The Importance of Nuclear Energy in a Changing World Maria Korsnick
Session 2 The Role of Nuclear in Clean Growth in the UK Keith Franklin MBE
Session 2 Nuclear in the Energy Mix in France Pascal Chaix
Session 2 Present Status and Roles of Nuclear Energy in Japan Ken Nakajima
Session 2 Accelerated global warming and implications of the IPCC Special Report on 1.5°C (IPCC SR15) Emilia Kyung Jin
Session 1 ROSATOM as Global Nuclear Industry Major Nuclear Energy: Global Trends and Issues Denis Muravyev
Session 1 SMR Perspectives & SMART Keung-koo Kim
Session 1 Westinghouse Electric Company & Korea Nuclear Industry: Insights on Successful Partnership Jose Emeterio Gutierrez
Session 1 KHNP's Efforts to Expand Global Nuclear Business In-sik Park